Common areas

Las Musas Hostel


Common Areas

The common room has wifi, cable TV, and computers with free internet. There is free wifi and of course, our ping pong table for when you’re hanging out at the hostel.  You can also have a beer and share your travel experiences with other travelers. I am sure they will be some amazing stories!


Did you reserve a room without a bathroom? Is someone taking too long in the bathroom in your room? Don't worry, there are spacious bathrooms (complete with showers) for both men and women on every floor. We've made sure that you won't have to walk more than five meters from your room to the shower.
Don't forget that our spacious kitchen, completely equipped for all of your needs, is also a common area. This is another place where people come together to speak not only with words, but also with mouthfuls, in the delicious and universal language of food.
Our common rooms are where we meet up to start all of the activities and special events that we organize and update every week in order to provide you with the widest range of entertainment a hostel can offer.
Don´t forget that in the common areas, sharing, respect and cleanliness are very important. Following our philosophy, our staff do everything they can to create a fun, informal and relaxed atmosphere, but remember that you too have to do your part: please make sure that you respect the other guests and use the common areas responsibly. Basically, we want you to feel at home, so don´t do things that you wouldn´t do in your own house: remember to pick up after yourself, use the trash cans and wash everything that you use in the kitchen. This will make everyone´s experience more pleasant.
Here at Las Musas we've thought of everything: What if you didn't bring your laptop? Or even a tablet or a mobile phone? Don't sweat it! We've got a computer room with free internet access 24 hours a day. And really, we do think of everything: there's air conditioning in here too!
We have two main common areas, both with air conditioning, free Wi-Fi internet access, background music and plenty of space for you to let loose, be sociable and have fun.
One of the areas is the lounge. It's next to the reception and the kitchen and is equipped with sofas, tables and chairs that you can rearrange however you'd like. This is the main dining area and living room, where most people like to hang out. Here you can enjoy the company of the staff and the other guests, plus you can watch cable TV and try some of the beers from all over the world that we offer at an affordable price. The other common area is under the lounge and next to the computer room. Not only does this area have sofas, chairs, and cable TV, it is also home to epic battles of foosball and ping pong. Truly epic.

So there you have it, when you're spending time at Las Musas, you've got two different rooms and two different atmospheres to choose from. The vibes in the two rooms are subject to change; sometimes the lounge is where the action is and downstairs people are just relaxing, other times it's vice versa. You are the traveler, you're on the trip, and we are happy to be a stop on your journey! We're here to help you feel at home.