Paella Night in Madrid


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Paella Night in Madrid

Who said you have to go to Valencia to have a good Paella? At Las Musas we offer you the opportunity to try one of the most iconic dishes of Spanish cuisine for only €3! (you won’t find a paella in a restaurant for less than €12 a person, but don’t think that theirs are better. Las Musas’ Paella is made from exactly the same ingredients, plus we put a lot of love into it)

On Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday nights you can forget about cooking.

Pull up a seat at Las Musas’ table and savor the flavors of Spain without emptying your pockets.

And if you want to learn how to make paella, just come into the kitchen and be part of the process!

We’ll be happy to go step by step explaining all of the secrets to creating the authentic Mediterranean flavor. The first trick is essential: you have to cook with love and patience. La Paella Paella is a traditional dish that comes from the east of Spain (the Mediterranean coast) and specifically from the autonomous region of Valencia. Its key ingredients are rice, vegetables, and seafood, although it can also include chicken and other ingredients according to taste and tradition. Sautéd vegetables and seafood are mixed with fish broth to give the rice its unmistakable flavor which, together with its unique yellow color that comes from saffron, makes Paella a dish that’s hard to forget.